Grade 2 complétion from Jami (Brazil) success story by skype

Grade 2 complétion from Jami (Brazil) success story by skype

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After completion of Grade 2 auditing threw the web,I feel like sharing my expérience and gains.
I have entered a state of calmness that is new for me. This means that I am not worrying anymore,I am in present time without soughts of the past coming to the present and disturbing me. I feel free from anything that happend before wether good or bad,and while cognising that It has all been created by me I can look at the track with detachment and truly derive some valuable lessons from the past that enable tô consciously choose a very rational conduct,because I m not being effect of negative emotions. I truly know that I have reached the end phénomena of Grade 2 and that I am not effect of the sufferings of the past anymore.It is a new level of présence to myself the world and others.
Web auditing is wonderfull and It works very well,as long as It is understood that with like any auditing,It is not sonething that is done tô you,but something that you do for yourself with the help of the auditor.Therefore I strongly recommend it to anyone that want to improve themselves , life, and rise their conscioussness.
Professional auditing in any place on the planet Auditor class X, skype: timecops
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