Clearing Course completion. State Of Clear.

Clearing Course completion. State Of Clear.

Сообщение auditor » 20 дек 2017, 17:13

After completion of the Clearing Course,I can say that I know I am very stable in my state of being,I am very present,conscious,there is no thoughts or emotions from the past that come to disturb me. I am cause over my own mind,and I know this state is very stable and permanent. I feel very light,and the people around me are all very willing to enter in my space,and I also know why people are experiencing negativity when they are but I can not be affected so much by it,and I can change It with my intention and communication.
I have realised at a deeper level that I am not my mind or my body,but an immortal conscioussness using a form.
I feel that to confront is an act of love,because reality is what we are creating,and It is all there is.To be fully present is for me the state of clear,and to expand this presence to knew horizons is the path ahead of me.
Thanks from the heart to Maxim Lebedev my wonderfull auditor.
Jean Michel from Brazil
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