Andreas Gross - Confidentiality Equals Control

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Andreas Gross - Confidentiality Equals Control

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A highly tech trained made similar observations (about 1972) but came to different conclusions
Posted on 27. October 2016 by Andreas Gross
The Pilot in January 1999 made this interesting post 44, I will highlight his valuable data in bold. But as he was missing some data revealed since then, so IMHO he came to a false conclusion:

Confidentiality Equals Control

From Post 44 – January 1999

I hope you wouldn’t mind my getting up on a soap box here and repeating the obvious for the umpteenth time, but this is quite important to the future well being, not only of Scientology but of anything aimed at achieving a higher state of awareness.

You cannot work to prevent others from finding out things and at the same time expect to discover new things yourself. It is an overt.

The postulates that you make to prevent others from knowing will eventually turn against you and prevent your own knowing.

What goes around comes around. It just takes a bit of time to rebound so that you think that you can get away with it. He who lives by the sword does die by it. And he who lives by the suppression of knowledge will eventually find that he has suppressed his own ability to gain knowledge.

What happened to orthodox Scientology when it made its upper level data confidential?

Do you realize how fast Ron was back in 1952 or 54? The new awarenesses and alignment of data was incredible. It was breakthrough after breakthrough, so fast that the entire nature of the bridge changed every year.

By the 1970s he was down to a snails pace by comparison. He hardly ever lectured. The bulletins were mostly being written by others. Most of the “new” tech was old material from the 50s that was being dusted off and put into a modern context. Even NOTS was sketched out back in 1952. There are only a handful of real discoveries in the 70s compared to about one a week back in the early days.

Why? It should be obvious. Keep others from finding out and eventually your own ability to find out will shut down.

To all intents and purposes, the introduction of confidentiality destroyed the research line.

You might well ask “what about the volumes and volumes of bulletins and levels issued after that point?” But these are refinements and codifications rather than new breakthroughs.

Take Dianetics for example. R3R was developed in 1963. The standard Dianetics of 1969 is simply an improved way of applying an existing technique. And the 1978 upgrade into NED mainly consisted of adding the action of getting the postulate as part of erasing the incident. But that data goes back to 1952 and was stated again in 1963, it had simply been forgotten in the 1969 standardization.

It is just amazing that the expanded grades did not include any new processes. They consisted exclusively of older processes that were modernized and added back into the lineup. Any researcher worth his salt could find more processes and more missing grades too. There is so much that you just start falling over it if you take a look without blinders on. But all that Ron could manage was a rehash of older ideas. And that is a shocker because he had been really bright, just listen to any of the old ACCs.

Despite the various carpings of critics, I think that he still wanted to find the answers and he would have discovered more if he could. But the later days are full of mistakes and wrong whys. The idea that all case stemmed from R6 is obviously false, even the CofS rarely bothers to run the CC implant anymore. The quickie standard tech wrecked cases and it took him two years before he backed down from this error and allowed some of the old tech to be put back into use.

He didn’t make errors of that magnitude in the old days. Although there were flaws in DMSMH, he moved forward quickly and didn’t just sit there insisting that all case was coming from prenatals. He wanted to find the real answers.

I think that its the confidentiality. How can you hope to find out more if you are stopping others from finding things out? How can you carry on research when all the comm lines are blocked? How can you Itsa the charge that you are sure to stir up while searching if you make it forbidden to talk?

And frankly, I just don’t see any horrible effects coming from the discussions of upper level materials.

So why are these things confidential?

I think that Ron said it again and again in the 1950s.

You make knowledge secret to control people.


The Pilot

The Pilot (Ken Ogger) has an excellent insight into the tech. He realized, that “since the 1970ies” there is not much progress in the tech. This has a reason. This Website is about that reason: Ron was taken out of the game in 1972 and later just “mocked up” to explain all the alter-is of the tech in the next 14 year till his alleged death. In this wise the global enslavers took not only control over the church, but they destroyed the workable technology, the Bridge and made sure, that no one can go Clear and OT any more. Neither in the Church nor in the Freezone. As long as the people believe in all the revisions by the new management since about 1973, especially since 1978.

I agree with The Pilot, that secret knowledge usually intends to control people. LRH made no secret tech. He just asked for a confidentiality of the Solo-material. Because this material can – and today is – be used black: to restimulate the GPMs by mass media to key-in the public and get them down on the tone scale. As the material is now in the hands of the enemy, I see no reason to keep all of it confidential. We can discuss the OT levels in the open, under one condition: Do not publish the smaller part of it, which would restimulate PCs (and even Clears), who are not prepared to audit these things: like the GPMs of the Clearing Course or OT II. One should not read them before the start of solo-auditing of them. Same of OT III: this handles a special case aspect which is quite restimulative, if you become aware of it. Perhaps not for critics, as they refuse all what LRH publishes as bullshit. So they do not look, do not apply the data to their own case and such they are save. But for a Scientologist, given lots of credit to LRH, the data will probably quite restimulative. I can only recommend: Do not read the OT III material, do not discuss the restimulative part in the public. – You will not find such data on my public websites, so you are safe here.

“As adjectives the difference between confidential and secret is that confidential is (meant to be) kept secret within a certain circle of persons; not intended to be known publicly while secret is being or kept hidden.” – This is very true for the OT material: it should be kept confidential, i.e. kept within a certain cirle of persons, i.e. who are prepared to audit the level. And as there are so many Scientologists around, who have audited on the OT-levels, it is not possible to make that material secret, keep it hidden. When I had my first session on the Internet in the 1990ies, I first searched for the OT material and found it within an hour or so. So I downloaded it and stored it save on my hard drive. That was ok as I had the self discipline to avoid looking at it and reading it. – Later – when I was ready to start on the levels, I got a revised version from my Freezone-C/S with lots of alter-is and missing references. So I was happy to be able to lookup the early download and found what was missing and incorrect.

What I wanted to say with that: Ron did not keep the OT materials secret, not hidden. He just asked for confidentiality. And the break of this confidentiality by Ingo Swann and Hal Puthoff, handing out the tech to the CIA and US-military lead to the take over of Scientology in 1972 by a Cointelpro-attack so that “they” (the global “elite” or better: the global enslavers) can keep their secrets: as every OT (by the original Bridge, not by the NOTS-Bridge) has the capability of stable exterior with full perception: and this means: no secrets any more! That is the real threat for the status quo (the anglo-american Empire) by Scientology, because they had build their system on lies and fakes and hidden secrets. This system is crashing since the release of LRHs Scientology Tech and will be gone in the near future.

The Pilot was really clever, he did correctly observe the quality difference between the original LRH-tech up to 1972 and the fake-Scientology since the take over. But as he did not realize, that LRH was off-lines, that a new team controlled Scientology, he draw the false conclusions. Clever is not intelligent enough!


Now I found a “HCOB by MSH” which confirms that the confidentiality was put into the hands of the publics: He became owner of the OT-materials and took them home. So The Pilot critizes correctly the harsh security measures under RTC, where one can not take the materials home any more and he is correct in this. This is suppression: especially because it hinders people in the correct application of the materials when at home. ... nclusions/
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