Goals of the Scientology

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Goals of the Scientology

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"Here on Earth there is an opportunity to construct a civilization such as Earth has not before enjoyed." (LRH 28th April 1953)

28 April 1953
Dianetics and Scientology
1953 - 1954

"The formulations of Scientology are based on no other concepts or precepts than those of Dianetics, ......except that those of Dianetics are addressed to the treatment of man as an individual by a new form of psychotherapy in the attainment of a goal of a better man.

These are not the goals of Scientology.

Scientology attempts to achieve the highest level of knowingness and beingness possible, ........whether the person remains a man or becomes something else.
Scientology is a popularized word which means exactly the same thing as epistemology- which word, I think you will agree, is not acceptable to the general public.
What does Scientology do? It handles the problem of the reactive mind by subtracting the analytical mind from the proximity to the reactive mind or minds, puts the analytical mind into the kind of thinkingness and beingness it should attain and then permits it again to associate with the reactive minds.

We have turned the problem exactly around and answered it exactly on a 180 degree vector. Instead of treating the reactive mind, I have found it possible to separate the analytical mind-which we call the thetan-from the body and, while it is separated, treat it until it is capable of handling with great ease any quantity of aberration in the reactive mind. This is the process on which we are working."

"It differs only in trying to attain a higher level of beingness than was ever envisioned in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, and it differs in bringing the analytical mind up to the point of handling the reactive mind instead of reducing the reactive mind until it can be handled by the existing analytical mind."

"We have something now which well exceeds the definitions and activities of psychotherapies, for we are dealing solidly in the field of knowledge."
"It is now our purpose to put minds into a condition whereby they can know, all by themselves and without further coaching."
"A preclear who has been brought up to a high condition of Operating Thetan knows that he knows."
"Our process, then, is not to teach people to know; our process is to put people into a condition wherein they can know."
"We do not purvey data and knowledge; we purvey a process which brings people up to a level where they themselves can accumulate all the data and knowledge which they desire"
"Scientology is the science of knowing how to know."
"Here on Earth there is an opportunity to construct a civilization such as Earth has not before enjoyed. A tool has been provided by which this can be done. The application of this tool, not its invention, is the goal. That the forging of the tool has come to a successful conclusion does not mean that the job is concluded."
"It is not our purpose to be selective, competitive, credit-happy and generally foolish about organizations and personal activities in the achievement of this goal."
"This tool must be employed to make each and every one of us above such things."
"It is up to us now to do a job which man has never before been able to do."

"There is no lack of personnel to process. Man at large, however, does not know that he has a reactive mind."

"It is not up to us to convince him he is crazy so that we can make him sane. It is up to us to employ such salesmanship as we can to make the able far more able."
"We will succeed in direct ratio to the number of people we make more able."
"At this writing, our organization is in a rough but workable form. We have associates spotted out here and there across the world. At these centers people can be t

Maxim Lebedev, [12.09.2020 20:32]
rained and from these centers the impetus can go out to stimulate man into conceiving a better beingness."
"I do not believe personally that a perfect organization can be brought into being, because we must perforce include in our ranks people whose motives we will not know until it is too late."
"Instead of trying to be selective, our centers should put out such pressure for forward progress that these unhappy persons and connections are simply swallowed up in the general good."
"Even now there is competition amongst the associates, competition exists in Philadelphia; there is much snarling and snapping going on in our own ranks"

"I cannot guarantee you that everything is going to be perfect; all I can ask you to do is to see that the individuals most closely connected with this operation are the best-processed individuals we have."

"There is no excuse now not to be Clear."

"Certainly we can afford this as individuals."

"I have set an example in this, and am in a better state of mind and action today than I have been in any of the years in my life."
"We are not disagreeing with man and we are not trying to fight man into shape. He will not fight into shape. We want to agree with man and get man to agree with us until he is in shape."
"Tapes and materials are going out from here and from Philadelphia as fast as they can be mailed. Sometimes they are scarce and a little time has to go by before they can be manufactured, but every possible pressure to get the show up to speed is being applied."

"I ask you for your loyalty and cooperation and I ask you, as well, for your occasional tolerance and patience."

"I am honest and I am sincere. I need your help, you need my help, but most of all man needs our help, for we are today the only team even vaguely in shape on the face of Earth capable of pulling him out of the mud and setting man on a road toward destiny."

Sincerely yours,

28 April 1953
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