Level 1. Objectives by skype. Success story. Switzerland

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Level 1. Objectives by skype. Success story. Switzerland

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The process of going through the objectives wasn’t difficult for me. But many of the processes brought me enlightments, improvement of presence in the moment and releasing of attention.
There was a moment when I saw my body undevided for left and right parts, and now I feek it as a whole, the border in the middle disappeared and the left and right parts of the body are now are percieved as just names of two parts. After that it’s like some extra idea has gone, the phisical sensation of this border line is gone too and the body became lighter.
There also were moments when I could more easily identify the temperature or the weight of objects, even appeared an ability to change those values, some kind of control of the feel of temperature and weight had appeared, or control of them. My attitude towards temperature has changed, it seems that I began to enter the cold woter of the lake more easily for example.
Also was cleared such a thing as a beginning of some-thing, an easiness in beginning of movements, actions appeared. And I was also stunned by an ability to sharply stop something, without any inertial mivements and movements after the stop, I felt so light from the feeling that I can finish something, that I don’t need once and for all.
Delays disappeared from many actions, movements got faster, got less intermediaries and intermediate actions, thoughts, unconcious things. Also in decision making the process of its making disappeared, and became momentous, hardly noticable.
The abulity of planning was cleared, in some sence the way forward became visible where one can through own ideas, goals. And it is endless and clear ahead, looking into the future became possible.
Objects, things which I have became more mine and handeling them got easier now. I fixed my dress in couple spots at last which made it look bad before, and now I can waer it with pleasure. And I needed just 5 minutes for it. I decided to get rid of my old drawings which I stored for some reason although they had no value for me anymore. Besides that owning whatever in the Universe became possible, normal.
Also there was a notisable moment of disappearing of the clod in my chest which appeared periodically in my life and it began to get smaller just on one of the objective processes. In addition a more clear perception of objects on some processes was an interesting achievement for me. I thought that I am well enough in the present moment but the processes got me in more full sensation of myself in the present, more attetion was released from somewhere! In one of the processes even my sight got better, I saw the face of my auditor on the screen of my notebook clearer! It was followed also by widening of perception, by the sensations of enlargment of myself and of covered space by me.
Moreover I began to control my thoughts better, I manage to stop their flow and get to sleep for example. I make desosions faster, and there are less doubts, if they are right, someitmes I even see which effect they will couse in the future.
Recalling and writing down now my achievements I am kind of living them through again and bringing myself in that nice state in which all of these abilities are at hand, and I again realise how important it is to write success stories. It is important in order to remind yourself about restored abilities, since we can forget about them and not use them or not pay attention to the changes, but there are there!
I am greatfull to my auditor of objectives Natalia Kanaeva for leading me through this path. I am greatfull to Marina Lyahova for support and help in our work with Natasha. I thank hartly the project “Timecops” for the chance to share our achievements and to get help.
I wish everyone to have control of life and a lot of pleasure of the results of your doings!
Web-auditing, auditor Natalia Kanaeva, Russia.
Irina Borisova, Zurich, Switzerland.

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