Grade 1 Success story from Moscow - web auditing by skype

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Grade 1 Success story from Moscow - web auditing by skype

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Success story of the girl from our project :

I welcome all who read my history of success!

30.09.2018 I was certified on end of the Grade 1 - Release of problems. Approximately passed 1,5 months, 2 times a week, passed sessions on Skype.

Moving on the Bridge, understanding and inspiration come to me gradually that allows to acquire data and to apply them. When I began to go in for dianetics, I wanted all and at once. But it was the big mistake. If to receive at once or very quickly all data, then we will understand nothing, there will be huge gaps, a mental jam and the result for which all of us strive will not be. It is possible to be at lower steps, but if they are passed it is qualitatively possible to possess bigger ability, than to pass poor and to be at the high level and it will be just the status for show. Therefore L. Ron Hubbard developed technology so that understanding came gradually and we independently came to them and nobody imposed them to us.

I will write completely on points what got understanding at this step:

1. It is necessary to handle things correctly. If any things wore out, it is necessary to leave them quietly. If the thing is not necessary, but you will use it never any more, then they can be given to the needing people. If the thing is expensive as memory or just she is qualitatively made, but looks bad, then it can be restored, and it will begin to shine the beauty and will please all.

2. The person surely has to set to himself the purposes, they give vital strength and the person has to understand why he lives. To set the purposes before itself, there has to be a desire for their achievement, then you will look for decisions to move to them and not to sit in place. Without life boring and not interesting is more whole.

3. It is necessary to help itself and others and if the help is not necessary from others, then it is necessary to tell about it directly. Not important from what person you want to receive the help, the psychic, the doctor, the priest, the psychologist, the psychoanalyst, etc. can be them, the main thing detailed to tell him everything about the problem and about intention to receive the help. Otherwise the person can not guess that it is required to you and if in detail not to tell about it, then another will not understand, as well as than to help you.

4. The help can be received from anyone, you should not disappear from it. If the help is not required, then tell about it who offers it that it is not required, but so that it not to offend. Having offended the person, from him dirty streams will go, it will not really well affect your state. Always it is necessary to count the forces before helping someone. But if you promised to help and you knew that you will not be able to make it, tell immediately it to the person who was going to be helped, speak and apologize not to create dirty streams and to leave understanding.

5. At each body thetan and all since the birth are capable to observe, listen, watch the differently, etc. From the very beginning of us different people surround, we draw the conclusions, we analyze and at all it turns out differently depending on experience of a tetan. Such abilities help us to listen attentively to the person, it is better to understand his problem and to give him the correct help. And we can define the most important whether it in general is necessary to it. People like to shout of the help, but in certain cases it is necessary to give the chance to learn to help someone to themselves to become independent.

6. The person can help somehow, the main thing to have desire, to listen to another and the actions or having just listened to him, to help it. The help can be different, someone needs to be uttered, it is necessary for someone that they were understood and it will be moral support, someone needs actions. It is good to understand the main thing that it is required and to help another.

7. It is necessary to help on loudspeakers, starting with the first - itself, to love itself, to help itself, then you will be able to help also others, and others another and so it will go on a chain. If there is a help from one person to another, and another just considers that it is normal and in return does not try to help also, then the one who only renders it should tell about it, otherwise it will develop into break of a stream. It is necessary to explain to it that there has to be an equivalent exchange that it did not turn out as offense that it is not wanted to be helped. There is such type of the person when consider by norm that it is helped, and nothing is done. Most often such help proceeds from parents to children when, forgetting about itself, try to give all to the child. Then the child becomes not independent, considers that all have to help him, is not accustomed to work, etc. It turns out not the help, but destruction of the person as since the childhood of a lot of things takes root and it will be difficult to change.

8. Any movement connected with the help to another has to be considered on all loudspeakers to make most correctly. You will not be able to help all, and having spread out everything pros and cons on loudspeakers, you will make the right decision to help whom.

9. It is not necessary to operate people, they have to operate themselves. As well nobody has to operate you, you have to make decisions. If it not to be pleasant to you that the person does, with him it is necessary just to talk, explain the discomfort, but it is not necessary to impose, order, etc., to it the understanding has to come and if you correctly explained everything to it, he will hear you and will make so that not to cause you discomfort. Of course, when we at work, are the director who has to operate the organization and it is necessary to carry out it. If you do not agree with it, it is possible to tell it the point of view and as well you explain it to him and will chew, he is with you or will agree, or is not present, it depends on your abilities.

10. When the person needs the help? When it cannot operate the developed circumstances. He can or study in addition a subject necessary to it for management most, or will ask someone for the help.

11. It is not necessary to think out problems. For example, if not to be pleasant to you your body, then accept it it what it is, fall in love with it, do some actions on changes it, for example, exercises, cleaning of a body, but do not give power of thought to materialize, think in a different way, not as usually and then it is possible even to change genetics. If you think of the illness or shortcomings and to plunge strongly into it, then you not only change nothing, but can worsen a situation.

12. If the person cannot confront a situation, he will not be able to take responsibility and to solve a problem as it will have a reaction and it will not be able to operate itself(himself). It is necessary to bear responsibility for the side of the problem, it is possible to take responsibility and for the foreign country, but if it validly is correct. As I already wrote above not all it is necessary to help, otherwise people not to learn to take responsibility for themselves, and will throw it on others.

13. To solve a problem it is not necessary to be engaged in dramatization, it only aggravates a situation and the solution is removed for some time. Someone decides to drink, someone to distract and not to think about bad, but the problem does not leave and it will need to be solved if of course the person wants improvements and is not going to be engaged in degradation. It is the best of all to confront it at once at emergence, to take over control over a problem and to make the correct decision. When the person is able to operate himself to him everything subject, he will find a way out of any situation. But how to find the correct solution? It is not always easy, but to apply the experience, to learn additional information, to compare all data pros and cons and the optimal solution will be found. This decision has to proceed only from you that nobody imposed it!

Still I want to share with you about the most important understanding for all the time of occupations of training and oditing which to me came. Long ago I was interested in bio-energetics, charkas, heard about east practicians as people tell about such spiritual development and could not understand as it is connected and why their and our technology is called spiritual development. Communication of course some is. When I was engaged in a class and after new understanding and inspirations, I felt some movements in my body, especially in the head. Wrote off it for strong concentration. In an oditing in a body similar feelings. So what I realized as a result? When I have an understanding, inspiration, jet masses in a body and space is loosened and my charkas gradually open, Tetan extends, exteriorizing from this masses, becomes more, and at the expense of it considerably expands the space. And when charkas will be completely open, tetan, the body and mind will become a single whole, it as the conductor between them. As a result of it tetan can take completely control over a body. Surprisingly, isn't that so? And those people who artificially develop power, charkas, etc., that is without ponimaniye, they can get to a trap as do not understand much. For example, having opened clairvoyance in such a way, he will not understand what occurs around it and can just go crazy from what was seen. And some people just do not understand what occurs around them in usual life where to them also clairvoyance or other abilities, they will not be able just to operate it!

This great understanding came to me thanks to my auditor (Class XII) - to Elena Lebedeva, I thank her for all mine of understanding! I hope in the future I will become an excellent auditor too!!!

I thank my oditor Elena Lebedeva, Dmitri Gorbachev, Maxim Lebedev and all who supported me.

Yours faithfully,
Anastasia Filimonova, Moscow
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