Grade 4 and case supervision (C/S) - web auditing over skype

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Grade 4 and case supervision (C/S) - web auditing over skype

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Hi guys,

I want will share those states which for me were opened by scientology quite recently.

At the last session which coincided with release of a Grade 4, came at last long-awaited feeling of release. Releases and good states were familiar to me often, but here feeling that "the beginning something really to fall off at the level of a body and that now it is much easier for me to work in life through a body" (and not just perfectly to feel during session of an auditing when there are an exteriorization and all wordly problems simply at all) — this feeling I waited for years. And it began to be shown))) And though manifestation still weak, is accurate feeling that so much still remained that else wants to be worked — it for me the most important, for me it is an indicator that business went and the scientology really changes life and not just had a good time.

Passed about a month after this event and here what things I observe at myself in life often now (or it is even still constant):

began to confront people more. I easier see and I allow myself to see shortcomings of people and their not ethics. It is especially important for me when it is planned to make some business, and everyones - different appear here. I enter with them easier the conflicts (in open I tell the relation to their actions) and it allows me to achieve the objectives more qualitatively. Recently Ethics read at Hubbard in the instructive letter - "inability to confront with the evil leads people to its underestimation, rejection in calculation or in general inability to see it". Earlier I aspired to seeing only good, but ability to see different qualities is more and more shown now — and it is very important when it is necessary to count how and by means of what contribution of people it is possible to achieve the objectives.

Relation to the state. Even when it is "bad". Yes, there are key-in (restimulation) and, there is a bad mood or something in MEST (physical universe) that does not give in to settling yet, but my state as a tetan in all this pleases me — I as if from outside observe, I allow myself to stay in different states, there is no effort these states to stop - just I consider them from the point of view of productivity — that can be and with what it will be necessary once will cope. As though my body and mass in mind and around is the some computer character given me who should be accepted it what is and will learn to live with it and to correct softly out of need). And also there was pure (or is purer) a training stream — some blocks left — and just a consent that I should study still additional information, and understanding for what purposes it is necessary to me. There is a knowledge that between me and desirable action there are no emotional jet reactions any more (or much less).

In the course of the conflict at which I was not right an opportunity it came to consider and to refuse to itself reaction of offense to the person — here is direct there was a fight between "well I so always do, well I at least know this behavior model" both absolutely new and marvelous world "well is cool, I am not right and met with the deserts. Interestingly as in general people manage long to communicate when really often in relation to them the bad behavior is undeserved — so long ARC (at all its gaps) is a huge gift of one tetan to another". And all conflict ended with the fact that I instead of in the old manner taking offense and having a little cry — at a meeting with the person began to laugh cheerfully from that as incorrectly behaved and as "received" for it laughter. It is in general the song))) — first every time when began sincerely cannot stop laughter, - was surprised — it was not for a long time. And now it is very frequent)) — Many things make laugh and I can not just smile, and is sincere roar with laughter and fun. And for me this constant reminder — wow, came, again everything is fine and I again am able to laugh)))

All this way and achievements became possible thanks to a possibility of the web auditing begun with the Timecops Project (and of course people who based it and develop — Maxim and Elena Lebedev's families), the first auditor of Victoria Kurylekh, Slava Naumenko's auditor, a case supervisor of Elena Lebedeva who is qualitatively developed and the thought-over technology of scientology. And also to the fact that many people make a contribution to scientology (the auditing, training, an auditing and training of others) worldwide and from influence of a teta of everyone the way becomes simpler and interesting.

I want the world without charges, pain and implants where it is interesting and easy for thetan (spirit) to play where they can "leave any game, will join any game" or to create own))
Progress to us :) and freedoms.

Other history of success:

It is not a story about mine of understanding or achievement, it is a story about how all can change the correct C/S (and the trained case supervisor) and even more))

I got auditing for a long time, it seems to me years 8. And about 4-5 years the step 0 went over with variable success (communication processes). Everything went very slowly, often with breaks for settling of eternal rudiments, but I received great achievements, releases and generally (if not to take in attention lack of advance after steps) was happy and happy.

And here somewhere about a year ago sessions there began C/S Elena Lebedeva. I also did not think then that it somehow will influence me and my advance on the bridge. An oditing it and in Africa an auditing — that from it new to take))) - to look in bank and to discreate it, (and an auditor, Vyacheslav Naumenko, I am already happy as an elephant)). And it turned out here that. That importance of correctly picked up processes gives not less influence, than their carrying out.

Quickly enough Lena could distinguish what was well hidden — that I am clergy after antecedents and it should be confirmed. From this point (the beginning of 2018) the auditing went more cheerfully. From paramount tasks was to pass still (to rehabilitate) steps — to restore the abilities received once.

When I started over again towing in this case — appointed new rundown quickly brought me round — and rehabilitation of the subsequent steps occupied several sessions instead of several years)

So now I have two godsends from scientology — except an excellent auditor also a super case supervisor)

Item of page. I do not consider the way passed before — the spent time. The hugest quantity of valuable understanding I received then, and I them for any other buns did not exchange; but also, I see that I will be able to receive now (and already I receive) understanding quicker, and advance on the bridge gives me all new tools which I can settle and improve the life and life of my loved ones.

Katya Areshchenko
Web auditing, Project Timecops org,
Casesuperviser Elena Lebedeva
Professional auditing in any place on the planet ... 206965424/ Auditor class X, skype: timecops

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